Flat Roofing

Modern flat Roofing materials offer superb longevity but the options can be daunting. That's where our expertise will help you understand and choose the most suitable waterproofing for your project or circumstance. Whether Traditional High Performance Felts, Single ply membrane, Asphalt or Liquid coating is your preferred material we will advise on the benifits and drawbacks both technical and commercial, of the available options.

Whatever your criteria, we are able to source, specify and correctly install a suitable material at a competetive rate.

Pitched Roofing.

Specialising in refurbishment, whether it's standard concrete or clay tiles, natural stone or slate, or even bespoke hand made clay tiles we will provide sound advise as well as outstanding levels of service and value.

Lead Roofing

Of all the Roofing materials Lead is probably the oldest, looks the best and will last a lifetime if installed correctly.

Whilst these qualities come at a price initially, over the lifetime of the building Lead could turn out to be the most cost effective option. Whether we use traditional Lead bossing or more contemporary lead burning we will ensure you end up with a technically perfect, beautiful looking Lead roof.

Contract Maintenance.

An increasingly important sector of our operation, we work closely with property management organisations, providing periodic planned maintenance to commerial, industrial and domestic properties.

This not only gives peace of mind that you may avoid expensive distruptions to your operation but can,in some instances, even result in a reduction in insurance premiums.